Our Photography Story

Alyssa was the driving force behind starting our photography service. She saw a need for high-quality wedding photography services at affordable prices. To put it in her words:

“It broke my heart to see people paying exorbitant prices for their wedding photographers, only to be disappointed in the photos they received. Everybody should have beautiful photos of their wedding day, not just those who have thousands & thousands of dollars to spend on their photographer.”

We bought our first camera in August 2020 and had the privilege to photograph two weddings in late-2020. In an effort to serve more couples, we began aggressively advertising our services in early 2021, and booked over 40 wedding, festival, and quinceanera events in 2021! We also had numerous couples express a desire for another photographer and videographer for their wedding day, so Mitchel began accompanying Alyssa on wedding days to meet our client’s needs.

Although our photography service is primarily focused on weddings, we also provide family & senior portrait services. We strongly believe every family should have access to affordable, high-quality photographs of themselves. 

About Us

Alyssa & Mitchel met while attending college together at Texas A&M University, but we didn’t start dating at this time. We reconnected after graduation and after a hanging out a few times, we “officially” started dating in early 2018. We dated long-distance for over a year before Mitchel proposed in January 2019. We got married in June 2019 and settled down on a rental property in Grapeland, Texas. After nearly a year of house-hunting, we finally found a house in Palestine, where we lived for almost two years. In early 2022, Mitchel was promoted to a managerial position in Norfolk, Nebraska, which is where we currently reside with our two dogs [Cooper & Chief] and three cats [Willie, Waylon, & Callie].

Both of us work full-time as engineers – Mitchel works as a licensed Professional Civil Engineering Manager for a large steel company, and Alyssa works as a Senior Process Engineer for a logistics company. Outside of work, we are actively involved in our church’s youth ministry. We enjoy playing sports, working out, playing music (just don't ask us to sing!), reading, hunting & fishing, shooting, and hosting board game parties at our home.

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Hi y’all, thanks for stopping by our website! We’re extremely grateful that you’re considering us to serve as your photographers and/or videographers.

I’m a proud small-town Texas gal, raised by an amazing family that taught me the importance of honesty, integrity, hard work, and selflessness. Growing up, I spent most of my time playing sports, hunting or fishing with my dad, or working on my grandparent’s cattle ranch. We have dreams of retiring back to my hometown and running the cattle business like my grandparents & parents have for the past five decades!

I serve as the primary photographer for our photography service. On your wedding, family, or senior portrait day, I will be the person you work with the most. I’m very laid back, down-to-earth, and easy-going, as I believe that attitude truly brings out your best expressions and enables us to capture the most genuine photos & videos of you and your loved ones. There is a 1000% chance I will crack dad-jokes and make fun of myself, all in an effort to create a lighthearted & stress-free environment where beautiful moments are abundant & easy to photograph.

I’m also passionate about continuous improvement & growth. I have invested tens of thousands of dollars into our camera & photo-editing equipment, along with hundreds of hours into my knowledge of photography, all in pursuit of being a better photographer. We’re proud of how much our media quality has improved throughout our time as photographers, but we are always looking for ways to be better in order to provide our clients with amazing photographs & videos.

Thanks again for stopping by!


Hey guys, what’s up?! Thanks for reading this far! (Alyssa can get a little long-winded…haha)

I grew up in the Austin-area, and spent most of my time playing music & sports. My love of music is still strong - I play drums for our local church, and also know how to play piano and bass guitar.

I serve as the primary videographer and secondary photographer. On your wedding day, you’ll find me hanging out and joking around with the groom & groomsmen, running around getting last-minute shots for Alyssa, and capturing your wedding day on video. I really enjoy getting cool angles and out-of-the-box shots, so don't be alarmed if I start doing some crazy stuff with the video camera (I've run through sprinklers, high-jumped over a bridge, and done some slightly sketchy stuff, but it's worth it for you awesome people)!! Like Alyssa, I’m super laid-back and tend to be a go-with-the-flow kinda guy. I'll crack a ton of jokes and keep you guys laughing all day, which makes for awesome footage of your wedding! 

Thanks for considering us to serve as your wedding photo & video team! We'd love to capture your day!