Tucked away on the outskirts of Austin lies a rather eclectic location, owned by two beautiful souls who have built the property with their own two hands. This place, called Rambling Rose Ranch, holds fast to the saying, "Home is where the heart is," and provided the perfect backdrop to Vanessa & Drew's wedding. The blaring car horns and screeching tires of Austin were replaced with sounds of laughter and merriment, and the harsh city lights gave way to the soft glow of string lights and the propane heaters to keep guests warm on this chilly January day. 

Believe it or not, this wedding day almost never happened. And no, it wasn't the pandemic that nearly prevented this day from taking place. It was the bride & groom themselves…


Both Vanessa & Drew claimed they never saw themselves getting married, but that all changed after their first date. That night, they bar hopped their way down Rainey Street, enjoying the company of each other and connecting in a way that neither of them had ever experienced with other people. After finally saying goodnight at the end of a long evening of conversation and laughs, Drew told his roommate, "I found her."


Drew believed he had found his person.


After having the immense privilege of photographing their wedding day, we can absolutely agree. These two are a perfect match for each other, and they are most definitely each other's person.

When we arrived to begin capturing their wedding day, a very bubbly and excited Vanessa greeted us with a huge smile and warm hug. After giving us a few directions, she walked back towards the barn to continue decorating and getting ready. Both my husband and I exchanged smiles and commented, "She has got to be the most bubbly and giddy person we have ever met! And she is soooooo excited to get married! This day is going to be awesome!"


And what an awesome day it was...

Vanessa & Drew decorated the tables with centerpieces made from Sola Wood Flowers. Additionally, Vanessa & her family hand crafted candles for her guests to take home at the end of the night. These candles were contained in thrift store coffee mugs, and you know we had to snatch one as we left for the night!


Vanessa also provided customized blankets for her guests to keep warm. Emblazoned on the front of the blanket was a short, but sweet statement: "Nes & Drew Say I Do". Later in the evening as the temperature dropped, Vanessa played the part of the gracious host, walking around the barn with her arms full of blankets, as she gave them away to her guests. 

Vanessa & Drew couldn't have been more opposite in the way they prepared for the ceremony. Vanessa was her usual bubbly and giddy self, laughing uncontrollably and making her cheeks red on numerous occasions. She gave a cute, slightly apologetic laugh when we pulled her wedding dress out of the bag for photos. It was a sparkly silver dress, and the glitter was everywhere…(we're still finding glitter in our truck!) Interestingly enough, Drew helped her pick this dress out. Despite this, both Drew & Vanessa told us numerous times they didn't want to see each other before the ceremony.  

On the other hand, Drew was his normal, laid-back, easy-going self. He wore a black & white patterned suit, complete with a stylish pair of shades. After he got ready, he helped bartend for his friends and guests, and enjoyed drinking a few beverages of his own from his beloved sippy cup.

As the ceremony neared, Vanessa's happy excitement only grew. She donned a white coat to help accentuate her sparkly dress, and completed the look with snow boots. We shared a few last nervous laughs before I left to get staged for the ceremony.


Vanessa's sister, Frankie, was the officiant for the happy couple. Although she was nervous before the ceremony, Frankie did a wonderful job of officiating the ceremony!


Vanessa read her vows first, reading from a deck of very bright, colorful index cards. She laughed as she recounted the fun memories they had made throughout their relationship, and she smiled with giddy excitement as she envisioned the rest of their lives together.

Drew was up next, and he read his vows from his phone (much to Vanessa's chagrin). Apparently, he didn't get the memo to write his vows down…Anyways, Drew's vows were just as sweet and thoughtful as Vanessa's. In addition to his beautiful words, goats and donkeys brayed in the distance to add their thoughts to the wedding. Everybody got a pretty big laugh out of that one! The ceremony progressed to the exchanging of the rings, and in her excitement, Vanessa offered her right hand to Drew. He slipped the ring on without too much hesitation, and in all of the excitement, we didn't notice her ring was on the wrong hand until well after family photos were done.

After the ceremony….utter chaos ensued. Most photographers will admit that family photos are the most chaotic and stressful part of the day. Although we tried our best to mitigate the chaos by asking for a list of the various family photos Vanessa & Drew wanted, it was a scene of mayhem for the first few minutes. Some family members snuck off to the bar to grab early drinks, while other people were unable to attend the wedding at the last minute, so our photo list was not quite accurate. To add even more pandemonium to the mess, somebody began yelling that a goat had escaped and was climbing around on the tables within the barn. After he enjoyed gallivanting around the barn, he joined us for a few family photos as well. 

Eventually, the chaos subsided and we successfully captured all of the family photos we needed!

With family photos complete, we stole Vanessa & Drew for a few couple's photos. If their love for each other wasn't already apparently obvious, it was made abundantly clear after this quick session! They snuggled up with each other so adorably in the various poses we asked of them, and they both looked drop-dead gorgeous in every single shot. We didn't take too many photos, as both of them were eager to get to the reception. As Drew put it, "Let's go get a drink!"

Cocktail hour was full of free-flowing drinks and plenty of laughter. Some guests congregated by the propane heaters to keep warm, while others used liquid fire to keep the cold at bay. Guests who made their way to the bar had the option to choose from their favorite beverage, or order a custom drink affectionately named after one of Vanessa & Drew's five doggos. We walked around taking candid photos & videos of the guests enjoying themselves, getting plenty of photos with people laughing and enjoying each other's company. If we ever needed to find Vanessa or Drew, all we had to do was wait a few seconds to hear a large outburst of laughing. We knew they would be the center of the raucous joy and happiness. 

Dinner was breakfast food, and it was the perfect comfort food! The caterer, Brooklyn Breakfast Shop, provided numerous different appetizers for guests to snack on before the main course, which consisted of handmade biscuits & bagels, scrambled eggs, bacon & sausage, and mushrooms. 

After dinner, numerous people stood up to give heartfelt toasts to Vanessa & Drew. Sterling & Erica, the Best Man & Matron of Honor, talked about their friendships with the bride & groom. Sterling recounted a story of bonding with one of Vanessa's dog, while Erica recalled their childhood dream of marrying fraternal twins (which didn't quite work out, but we all agree that dream was probably best left unfulfilled). 

Vanessa's dad, David, also grabbed the microphone, and quickly had everybody in tears. He talked about three of the greatest lights in his life, which are his three daughters. As David wrapped up his speech, numerous guests struggled to hold back their sniffles, tears, and laughter while Vanessa shared an emotional embrace with her father.


A few more family members approached the microphone - Vanessa's sister Victoria shared a few words, followed by Hap, and then Vanessa's grandfather. One of Drew's friend also approached the mic, regaling us with stories of Drew in his younger days and the many fun memories they created together.

After speeches wrapped up, Erica & her husband Ben began setting out the hand-baked cupcakes and cake they had prepared. They utilized a recipe perfected by a famous chef, which consisted of carrot cake cupcakes stuffed with some sort of delicious cream. Both of us had more cupcakes than we care to admit…


Vanessa & Drew cut the cake, and then proceeded to the dance floor to share their first dance under the stars. 

Once their first dance was over, the rest of the night was very relaxed. Guests enjoyed more warm drinks, a few guests made their way to the dance floor. Music was provided by Great Rate DJs, and he kept the party going all night! Guests at the bar would often sing along to some of the classic songs, such as "Sweet Caroline," "Livin' On a Prayer," and "Party in the USA."


Other guests congregated around the campfire, sharing funny stories and snuggling close to loved ones while they attempted to make s'mores.


After much prodding, Vanessa & her dad shared a very unique dance, jamming out to a rock song. Although it wasn't necessarily traditional, it was absolutely adorable and perfectly captured the essence of their relationship.

As the night wound down, guests began to slowly trickle out, but not without more hugs and laughter from Vanessa & Drew, along with a handmade candle to remind them of the bride & groom's special day. Vanessa & Drew shared one last dance with each other, laughing and smiling throughout the entire song. 

Vanessa & Drew will continue living their beautiful life together. They are parents to five dogs (Lola Bunny, Pippin Chewbacca, Westley Knope, Ganon, and Mando), and they both agree they will always have a household full of doggos. They like to joke that they bought their house for their dogs, not necessarily for themselves.


Although they won't be leaving for a honeymoon immediately, Vanessa & Drew already know their ideal place - the Bahamas! They would like to find an all-inclusive resort on the beach, complete with unlimited food and beverages, in order to celebrate the start of their married life with each other.


Much like the time they spent dating & engaged, their married life will undoubtedly consist of playing board games with their friends, trying new bars & restaurants, playing video games, and staying out late to get overpriced drinks and snacks with their loved ones. 

A Message from Us...

Vanessa & Drew…words cannot express how thankful we are that you chose us to serve you on your wedding day. We can unequivocally say that the two of you have found your person in each other, and your love radiates in a way that is so special and unique. We wish the two of you (and your five doggos) a lifetime of love, joy, happiness, and endless blessings!


-Mitchel & Alyssa Stipek



"Finding someone you love and who loves you back is a wonderful, wonderful feeling. But finding a true soul mate is an even better feeling. A soul mate is someone who understands you like no other, loves you like no other, will be there for you forever, no matter what. They say that nothing lasts forever, but I am a firm believer in the fact that for some, love lives on even after we're gone." -- Cecelia Ahern